About GRA

Geoff Raby & Associates is a Beijing-based business advisory firm helping Australian and Chinese businesses run successful operations across cultures and borders, and informing public and private policy makers.

Our Chairman & CEO

Dr. Geoff Raby, former Australian Ambassador to China, is the Chairman, CEO and founder of Geoff Raby & Associates. Click here to find out more about Dr Raby.

Our Team
The Geoff Raby & Associates team is a dynamic group with extensive experience in both China and Australia. Our bilingual team stays constantly updated on China's complex narrative of
currently unfolding events.

Our Clients
Geoff Raby & Associates' clients cover a range of industries, including mining, investment, finance, law and politics.



GR&A's strong relationships with senior leaders in government and corporations in China gives the company unique and publicly unavailable insights and knowledge about a broad spectrum of issues.


With expertise and experience across Australia, Hong Kong and Greater China, GR&A's multilingual expert staff is a well of knowledge for its clients, providing understanding about the inner workings of senior corporate management and government relations.

Local Knowledge

From the grand halls of Beijing diplomacy to the one-room offices of tiny Chinese towns, GR&A's staff have over 20 years of understanding and frontline experience in China's growth and development.


GRA has formed an alliance with Bespoke Approach (BA), a premier corporate advisory firm providing strategic business consulting services. Bespoke Approach provides tailored advice on political, regulatory and communication issues for Australian and international organisations.

Clients seeking advice in relation to conducting business in Australia may complement our services with guidance from Bespoke Approach. This allows our clients to benefit from BAs decades of experience, deep understanding of Australian affairs and extensive regional networks.