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Witness to three decades of China's upheavals and reforms

Last Updated:2017-04-22

Dr. Geoff Raby has witnessed great changes in Chinese society, from opening up and economic reforms, to the bloody crackdown on the prodemocracy movement in 1989 and a now materialistic society under increasingly tight ideological control and censorship. Raby is still in China where he takes an active role in the private sector and has set up a business consultancy in Beijing. He spoke to Catherine Wong from the South China Morning Post.

"Despite President Xi’s rhetoric about the importance of globalisation and internationalisation, I do feel we are in a period when China is closing up against foreigners. I don’t think it’s very much state directed, but the state is not doing anything to help promote openness and reforms of globalisation. Apart from the very superficial rhetoric, foreigners are facing a more difficult business environment than before."

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