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Australia-China Relations: The Next Chapter

Last Updated:2016-09-28

China and Australia have a relationship anchored by strong trade bonds. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, while Australia is a leading source of raw materials for Chinese industry. Recent negotiations have led to the signing of a free trade agreement, and there is strong prime-ministerial level dialogue between the two countries.

Yet this relationship isn’t without tension. China and Australia often find themselves on different sides of the table when it comes to broader bilateral ties, and issues such as disagreements over foreign investment and the position and interests of allied countries threaten to prevent any meaningful co-operation or interaction.

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This panel will discuss the key challenges and opportunities confronting the bilateral relationship of China and Australia.

- Dr Geoff Raby (Chairman & CEO Geoff Raby & Associates, Former Australian Ambassador to China (2007 - 2011))
- Lisa Murray (China Correspondent for the Australian Financial Review)
- Professor Hou Minyue (Head of the Department of English at East China Normal University (ECNU))

Forum Convenors:
- Professor Nick Bisley (La Trobe University)
- Professor Chen Hong (East China Normal University)

This event is the inaugural Australia-China Forum in Shanghai co-hosted by La Trobe University and East China Normal University.